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Career development

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Tailoring the sight test

The AOP Awards 2019 Newly-qualified Optometrist of the Year, Joseph Ong (pictured), on approaching the pre-reg year with an open mind and the invaluable clinical experience gained during his placements

Business management

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MECS benefits

Optometrist and Lancashire & Morecambe Bay LOC member, Timothy Bagot, shares insight into the delivery of a MECS service in his local area that was launched three years ago

Speaking to my patients about audiology

Head of audiology at Duncan and Todd Group, Alex Higgins, shares advice on introducing optical patients to hearing care as part of their recall screenings

Practitioner stories

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Keep learning, keep progressing

For a fulfilling career, Diba Choudhury has not been afraid to face up to knowledge gaps – and go back to her university textbooks

Community optometry is the answer

While the barriers to change in primary and secondary care can appear insurmountable, Julie Dowdney sets out a vision where local NHS teams, orthoptists, optometrists and ophthalmologists collaborate and learn together