OT  Skills Guide

Domiciliary eye care: legal aspects

This OT  skills guide explores the legal aspects of domiciliary eye care

OT has published a series of four video skills guides focused on providing domiciliary eye care. These guides aim to demystify and educate viewers about key aspects of domiciliary eye care, from the kit you require in order to perform sight tests, to communication tips, adapting for bedbound patients, and the legal requirements of this mode of practice.

In this skills guide video, domiciliary optometrist at the OutsideClinic, Steve Clark, who also works in NHS England, discusses the legal aspects of domiciliary eye care. Through the video, Clark shares advice on who is eligible, what GOS forms to use, what medical reasons may be given on the form, pre-visit notifications, patient consent, referrals, sharing information with family, and lone working.

The legal aspects of domiciliary eye care

OT would like to thank OutsideClinic for supporting the making of these videos, as well as the University of the West of England Bristol for allowing us to film in its facilities.