From bucket hats to sensible hats

How have your quick actions helped change or save a patient’s life?

Crowd cheering

On Monday morning, I woke up in a tent with a sense of dread about the impending journey home.

It was time to return to civilisation after Glastonbury – not just a music festival, but a place that provides an escape from reality.

‘Just get up and dismantle the tent,’ I thought as the euphoria provided by the likes of Stormzy, The Killers and Kylie Minogue started to wear off.

With garish bucket hats (this year’s quirky fashion choice for festival-goers in the hot weather) replaced by sensible hats, I felt the need to act quickly. I needed to pack up and set off in the car to avoid lengthy queues and the inevitable crash of energy that comes later in the day.

Taking quick and decisive action is a daily challenge facing optometrists, sometimes with life or sight saving results for patients.

Director at Central Vision Opticians, Bhavin Shah, and his patient, Vinod Mayer, recently spoke to OT about a referral that did just that.

Mr Mayer shared: “If it wasn’t for the eye test, I could have lost my sight completely. Eye care and eye tests are so important.”

Behavioural optometrist Mr Shah shared that he was “extremely concerned” about the signs and symptoms that he had identified during the sight test. In this case, Mr Shah suspected a retinal tear or detachment.

“I explained the risks in a calm, empathetic but matter of fact way. I explained the need for urgency and why the referral could not wait,” he said.

If you have a similar case where a routine sight test or visit to the opticians has led to a life changing referral, OT would like to hear from you. Please email [email protected] or comment on the AOP's Forum.

Image credit: Getty/dwphotos