How do you promote your business?

The fascinating role of an effective social media strategy in capturing business


During the two years that I have worked at OT , I never imagined the rate at which digital marketing and the way that it’s used by businesses would progress.

With my digital marketing experience, I am well aware that you have to keep one step ahead to stand out and reach audiences – however, what I didn’t predict is the way the landscape would alter dramatically. 

My role as a digital content executive has expanded to reflect these changes, not only ensuring that multimedia content is provided to thousands of readers across digital platforms and social media communities, but to focus on developing strategies to effectively promote content and drive traffic to the website.

This involves content planning, researching and initiating new creative ways to engage audiences, and using analytics tools to track progress and advance the strategy.

Moving away from traditional means of marketing, businesses of all sizes are focusing on social media in ways they haven’t previously. Not only is it a key priority to build brand awareness, it’s also imperative for reaching new customers and boosting sales.

Keen to tap into the millennial market, companies are frantically boosting their presence on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which enables them to target younger audiences with their products and services.

Social media

Businesses from across the optical sector are also discussing the benefits of social media, with OT previously speaking to Spectacle Emporium owner, Janan Choudhury, about how social media has been pivotal to the success of his independent practice, and Kirk & Kirk co-founder, Jason Kirk, who discussed tips on how to communicate effectively on social media

In 2018, I worked on a project to launch OT on Instagram, gaining over 5000 followers in its first year. Being creative and enabling followers to interact with the page are key to increasing levels of engagement, which can be achieved through launching fun competitions to drive interest.

It’s also important to provide tailored content that delivers something special for followers, and OT’s Instagram page offers a delightful cocktail of exclusive content, including 60-second pick of the week videos highlighting news stories from that week.

Exclusive coverage of international events such as Mido, Vision Expo and Silmo, as well as behind the scenes updates from interviews takes followers around the world with OT, giving them an insight into what to look out for on the website and in the journal.

Watch out for a video on Instagram that will give you an exclusive preview of what to expect from the April edition of OT – landing through your letterboxes this weekend. 

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