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Fight for Sight’s 10k audio run was educational and fun

27 Sep 2018 by Emily McCormick

By the time I had left a busy office-filled Farringdon behind and reached the Angel entrance of Regent’s Canal, I had covered around 1.5k and was on my approach into the cornea. I had already been shrunk by the narrator’s miniaturisation ray, allowing me to be of suitable size to access the eye – not your average Thursday evening that’s for sure.

To mark National Eye Health Week, Fight for Sight has launched a 10k audio race that you can walk or run. Its aim is to educate users about the eye and eye health on route.

On the canal, planning to follow the winding water path for the race distance to Paddington, I learned a little about a different part of the eye at each one-kilometre marker point. From the cornea, iris, pupil and lens and through the vitreous humor, the audio race featured it all.

The learning was made fun with facts and the odd joke too. Did you know that until 6000 years ago, everyone had brown eyes and that it was a genetic mutation the led to the development of blue eyes, which today around 8% of the global population has? I admit, I did not. And if you want to know how the old wife’s tale of carrots helping you see in the dark was born, tune in...

As the sun began to set and I reached the next point in my commute, I wound up my headphones and headed into a busy train station full size once more, but also a little wiser about the structure of my eyes and the importance of eye health.

You can take part in Fight for Sight’s race by joining here and moving by 11 October.

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