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The look of love

Love might be in the air, but do you give your eyes the affection they deserve?

28 Jan 2016 by Emily McCormick

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many people’s minds will be turning to the array of heart shaped confectionary currently making its way onto our High Street shelves.

The topic of love has not passed by the AOP unnoticed, with the annual celebration being the theme of its latest eye health awareness raising resources.

As practitioners, readers will be more than aware of the benefits of a regular sight test. But when you step outside of the practice doors, is this understood fully by those living within the community that you serve?

I’m going to hazard a guess and say no – yet in doing so, I’m not disputing that engagement will be mixed. However, I think there will be agreement among those reading this that more can always be done to highlight the importance of eye health.

Last month the AOP produced a ‘Make your eye health your New Year’s resolution’  poster which highlighted the importance of eye health. Distributed to members via OT, practitioners shared their delight at the resource, posting images with the poster in the practice window.

The poster marked the beginning of a series of resources that the AOP is developing this year in a bid to help practitioners promote optometry and eye health in the local community.

In this edition, you’ll find the new ‘Show your eyes some love’ poster, which will be supported by a new video that highlights top tips for healthy eyes online shortly.

For more insight into the new public-facing resources that are for practitioners to use, visit the ‘For patients’ section of its website.

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