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With the Consumer Electronics Show this week and 100% Optical next month, technology's pivotal role in eye health is hard to not acknowledge

07 Jan 2016 by John White

In most senses I would admit that I fall short of being a geek – I lack the requisite gaming skills, have a paucity of Apple products, and my beginner's guide to coding is sat collecting dust.

Nonetheless, my antennae always tunes in during the first week of the New Year as I look out for news from the juggernaut that is the Consumer Electronics Show.

This year’s Las Vegas event kicked off yesterday (6 January), heralded by the usual fanfare of press conferences from exhibitors keen to promote the next big thing.

Scanning the headline launches, the wearable tech star looks far from waning. News of a 'realtime necklace' which will translate what you say into the foreign language of your choice may spell the end for my 'teach yourself Italian' tapes.

Smart car technology also features large, including an update from Profesor Amnon Shashua, co-founder of Mobileye, a company working on 'autopilot' driving technology.

Much closer to home, 100% Optical continues to build on the success of the previous two years. With the announcement that Birmingham Optical will be joining Haag-Streit UK, Carl Zeiss and Heidelberg Engineering, the show's equipment hub is longer stronger than ever.

This week has also seen widespread coverage of Welsh woman Rhian Lewis and the successful implant of a light-sensitive microchip.

Widely referred to as the 'bionic eye', the operation further reveals the role that tech can play in eye health, in this instance offering some redress to the disabling effects of retinitis pigmentosa. Powerful stuff indeed.

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