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Membership FAQs

Frequently asked questions about AOP membership

Below you'll find answers to some common membership enquiries.

1. I am about to renew my membership. How do I know if I am on the right membership grade?

As part of our annual renewals process, we encourage members to check that they are on the correct membership grade by reviewing our membership grades.

If you're not sure what grade you're on, you can log into MyAOP to check your membership details.

2. I have just renewed my membership of the AOP. When will I receive my new membership card?

As part of a range of eco-friendly initiatives, we plan to move away from providing annually updated membership cards. From 2020, members will receive a card on first joining and replacement cards will be available on request. However, we will no longer provide a new membership card annually as part of the renewal process.

3. I am planning to start a family. How does this affect my membership?

If you are planning to start a family you may be eligible for our Parental leave membership, which is available for existing AOP members. The Parental leave grade is a fee-free grade for parents taking maternity, paternity or adoption leave and can be used for a maximum of 12 months.

4. I am planning to retire this year. Is there a membership grade for retired members?

If you are planning to retire this year, don't forget to let us know. If you are retiring from all employment you may be eligible for our Newly-retired membership grade.