I have cover with my employer, why do I need the AOP?

Don't settle for second best

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Last year over 5000 members turned to our in-house legal and regulatory team for support, and our online member guidance was viewed over 119,000 times.

Who would you turn to

If you have a dispute with your employer?

Members can contact our employment law experts for advice at any stage of their employment journey, including help to understand and negotiate employment contracts. We also support members at difficult times such as restructuring or redundancy, and grievance or disciplinary procedures, including accompanying them to hearings and meetings with a union representative. 

If a patient makes a complaint about you?

Whether it’s a civil or GOC matter, our in-house legal team works solely for our members offering expert advice and unrivalled legal defence to secure the best possible outcome, every time. Not being linked to an employer, our only concern is you. 

If you have concerns about a patient not meeting driving standards? 

Our website offers members expert guidance on this and other common clinical and regulatory queries. Our in-house clinical and regulatory team can provide tailored support to help members practise safely, deliver the best patient care and meet GOC standards of practice. 

For advice and guidance about working as a locum optometrist? 

All locums need their own medical malpractice insurance, which is included as part of your membership. We also offer our locum members a range of valued support including our locum logbook, internal referrals guidance and templates, and professional development events and webinars tailored to locums’ needs. 
No other organisation offers the same protection and support to its members. 

Amazing support from each individual I communicated with. The AOP listened to me and supported me throughout. I felt they did everything they could to help

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