MAYopia Day - Webinar 4 - Myopia control: the evolution of spectacle lens technology



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Essilor logoIn recent years, myopia has become an area of practice where clinicians have the opportunity to not only correct, but also influence the progression of myopia and improve clinical outcomes for their patients. With a rapidly changing evidence base and an ever-growing portfolio of clinical solutions available, it is important that practitioners are updated on the latest developments in the field and incorporate myopia management tools within their skillset.

This event offers a full day of education on the theme myopia management designed to bring the profession together to hear from experts and share learnings in this key clinical area. The programme will deliver five live webinars, each offering one interactive CPD point. Delegates are invited to attend the full programme or choose individual sessions based upon their clinical interests.

Session four: Myopia control: the evolution of spectacle lens technology

This session offers an evidence-based review of myopia control with spectacles. Emphasis is placed on peer-reviewed, randomised clinical trials with changes in both axial length and refractive error. New, peripheral plus spectacle lens designs are discussed and their efficacy assessed with up-to-date clinical trial results. The influence on spectacle lens designs on vision is also discussed along with any associated risks to the wearer.


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  • The webinar will take place using Zoom
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14:00 - 15:00

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    Myopia control: the evolution of spectacle lens technology

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Professor Mark Bullimore

Mark BullimoreProfessor Mark Bullimore is an internationally renowned scientist, speaker and educator based in Colorado. He received his optometry degree and PhD in Vision Science from Aston University and has spent most of his career at the Ohio State University and the University of California at Berkeley and is now adjunct professor at the University of Houston. He is also associate editor of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics and the former editor of Optometry and Vision Science.


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Learning outcomes

  • Practitioners will be able to communicate with patients about spectacle lens options for myopia management
  • Practitioners will be updated on evidence-based spectacle lens interventions for myopia management


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