Locum practitioner event - London



Where: Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Coram Street, WC1N 1HT, London

Interactive CPD points: 6

Johnson & Johnson Vision logoThis session is delivered in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision.

Delegates will benefit from an AOP peer review led by members of the AOP clinical & regulatory team and enhance their skills with an interactive discussion workshop with Johnson & Johnson Vision.

This discussion workshop session focuses on helping participants to enhance their awareness of the language they use and the impact it has on patients and colleagues. Practitioners will consider how a simple choice of words can make a difference between the same message being received in a positive or negative way. They will learn a practical approach which can help them to utilise the power of words to inspire those they interact with and increase their communication influence for the benefit of patient care.

Important information

  • This event is for AOP members only
  • This event will take place in other locations throughout the year and will cover the same cases. CPD points will only be available for attending the whole duration of the event
  • There are six CPD points approved in total for this event, three CPD points for the AOP peer review and three CPD points for the discussion workshop led by JJV

18:30 - 19:00

  • Registration and buffet

19:00 - 19:05

  • Opening remarks

19:05 - 20:05

  • 3 points

    Peer review: Why record keeping is your first line of defence

    CPD ref no: C-101398


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20:05 - 20:15

  • Coffee break

20:15 - 21:15

  • 3 points

    Rethink your communication, increase your influence!

    CPD ref no: C-102118


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21:15 - 21:20

  • Closing remarks

GOC - optometrists/CPD provider

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Learning outcomes

  • Practitioners will understand the importance of maintaining adequate patient records
  • Practitioners will understand the importance of duty of candour

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GOC - optometrists/CPD providerGOC - Contact lens optician/CPD providerGOC dispensing opticians / CPD provider

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Learning outcomes

Delegates will have the opportunity to recognise the powerful impact of word choice and phraseology in their interactions and will learn how simple changes of phrase will significantly impact their interactions and outcomes for their patients and colleagues.

Delegates will focus on what constitutes active listening, and the difference a curious mindset can make to their patients’ wellbeing.

Delegates will expand their thinking and approach in helping to reframe the patient experience with the simple use of powerful, positive, reaffirming language.


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