Online peer discussion - therapeutic prescribers



Where: Online

Peer discussion is a great way to share ideas and reflect on different approaches. You will be presented with three cases to discuss in small groups with your peers.

Delegates will benefit from:

  • Cases specific to therapeutic prescribers
  • Hearing different approaches to managing clinical situations from their peers
  • Recognising the importance of reflection on current and future practice

Please note that all the therapeutic peer discussions in 2021 will cover the same cases and therefore points will only be awarded once.


  • There are three interactive CET points approved for this session
  • To be eligible for the CET you need to attend for the duration of the meeting using audio and video as well as participate in several interactive polls
  • You will not be eligible for the CET if you dial in to the audio only using a telephone
  • This event is approved for therapeutic prescribing optometrists only
  • By attending an AOP Peer Discussion you will be fulfilling the GOC’s peer review requirement

Technical requirements

  • The meeting will take place using Zoom
  • We recommend that you use a computer or tablet device to participate in this meeting
  • You will not be able to participate in this meeting if you are using Chromebooks/Chrome OS or Zoom Rooms as you will be unable to join breakout rooms

18:30 - 19:45

  • Online peer discussion - therapeutic prescribers