Independent practitioner event, London



Where: Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London, WC1N 1HT

Johnson & Johnson Vision logoDelivered in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision, these events are tailored to the needs of independent practitioners.

Delegates will benefit from an AOP peer discussion led by members of the AOP Clinical & Regulatory team and enhance their skills with an interactive discussion workshop with Johnson & Johnson Vision on looking through the eyes of a presbyopic patient. For more details on the sessions, please see the CET tab below.

Health & safety

Your safety is of paramount importance to us as we transition back in to running face-to-face events. To ensure the safety of our delegates and staff we will be:

  • Encouraging everyone to wear masks in the public areas of the venue
  • Asking everyone to be considerate of others’ personal space and restrict movement within the event space
  • Make use of hand sanitiser stations in the venue or wash hands frequently

Important information

  • This event is for AOP members only
  • This event is taking place on 1 December in London and will cover the same cases. CET will only be available for attending one of these events
  • There are only 3 CET points approved for CLOs for this event

18:30 - 19:00

  • Registration and buffet

19:00 - 19:05

  • Opening remarks

19:05 - 20:05

  • AOP peer discussion

20:05 - 20:15

  • Comfort break

20:15 - 21:15

  • Through their eyes – Presbyopia

21:15 - 21:20

  • Closing remarks

Independent practitioner event - AOP peer discussion

The AOP presents a peer discussion for independent practitioners:
In small groups, you will be presented with different clinical and ethical scenarios to discuss and digest with your colleagues

Interactive CET points approved: 3 (O, DO)

Learning objectives


2.5.3 Be aware of current good practice in management of eye disease
3.1.3 Understand the interpretation of an OCT scan 
6.1.8 Be able to evaluate a patient for glaucoma, considering their risk factors
6.1.5 Know when and how to refer an ocular abnormality

Dispensing opticians

2.5.3 Be aware of current good practice in management of eye disease
3.1.5 Understand how visual fields are interpreted particularly with respect to detecting glaucoma
8.1.2 Understand some of the causes of blurred vision


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Ocular Disease


Standards of practice logo


Standards of Practice





Ocular Examination


Dispensing optician

Ocular abnormalities logo

Ocular Abnormalities



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Ocular Examination





Standards of Practice


Through their eyes – Presbyopia

With the number of presbyopic patients growing, coupled with their desire to live more active lifestyles, providing them with appropriate correction options is growing even more important. In this discussion workshop, we will explore the experience that two real patients had when they went for their first sight test having become presbyopic. Reflecting on their experiences, together, we will consider how we can ensure we always provide our patients with clear, personalised recommendations.

Interactive CET points approved: 3 (O,DO, CLO)