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Where: Blades Business Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, S2 4SU

Interactive CET points approved: 3

Prices from: FOC - £95 Book or join now to attend this event Interactive CET points approved: 3

Peer discussion is a great way to share ideas and reflect on different approaches. You will be presented with a range of cases, clinical scenarios and ethical dilemmas to discuss in small groups with your peers.

Delegates will benefit from

  • Hearing different approaches to managing clinical situations from their peers
  • Understanding appropriate referral and management pathways
  • Recognising the importance of reflection on current and future practice

By attending one of the AOP Peer Discussions you will be fulfilling the GOC Peer Review requirement for Optometrists. These events do not cover the requirement for contact lens opticians or therapeutic specialist optometrists.

Please note that all the peer discussions in 2020 will cover the same cases and therefore points will only be awarded once.

6:15PM - 7:00PM

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7:00PM - 9:00PM

Peer discussion Peer discussion | Dr Edwin Mitchell


C-74544: AOP Peer discussion

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Learning objectives:

  • Be able to manage and advise patients with external ocular disease
  • Understand the management and clinical treatment of external ocular disease
  • Be able to evaluate a patient for glaucoma, considering their risk factors
  • Understand how visual fields are interpreted particularly with respect to detecting glaucoma
  • Be able to identify and manage contact lens complications
  • Understand how contact lens complications present and are managed
  • Be aware of current good practice in management of eye disease
  • Be able to select an appropriate contact lens for an astigmatic patient

Stewart MitchellStewart Mitchell, Council Member

I work in a small independent practice in the centre of Bradford. The practice is a partnership so I understand the pressures juggling between optometry and running a profitable business. I do specialist contact lens work, Semi-Scleral, RGP and specialist soft contact lenses, but have a keen interest in the clinical role we play, managing and deflecting referrals into secondary care. An important issue is maintaining clinical skills when the financial model we work to fails to address the cost of our professional time.

I’ve really enjoyed being involved with the trialling of primary care support England online. Sadly not in its design, but in its testing.

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Prices from: FOC - £95 Book or join now to attend this event Interactive CET points approved: 3