Health and Wellbeing Practice of the Year 2018

Specsavers Keighley is the Health and Wellbeing Practice of the Year 2018

AOP awards 2018, Specsavers Keighley is the Health and Wellbeing Practice of the Year

Winner: Specsavers Keighley 

The practice has developed a mental strength tool kit with the aim of de-stigmatising mental health and creating an environment where individuals can talk without fear, and staff are rewarded for promoting mindfulness.

Building a culture of transparency, trust and support, and ensuring all team members feel valued, is key for Ophthalmic Director, Raj Gill. He says Specsavers Keighley is on a journey, and there is still a long way to go, explaining “I love the unity of the team and have spent time encouraging team bonding. We've identified that play fuels creativity, my personal favourite was Nerf Wars.”

Raj says the team doesn’t need to win to prove that health and wellbeing is important to us, but that it would be great for his team to be acknowledged by someone other than him for doing a great job. 

Raj told us “There is always an open door, an open mind and an open ear to listen.  The aim is to provide everyone with the opportunity to be more mindful of the beautiful world around them and not just to run on autopilot”.

“A significant amount of life is spent at work and I am aware that life is too short to be unhappy. I take great pleasure in being surrounded by a happy, smiling team – I cannot do anything but smile back.”

Raj Gill, Ophthalmic Director

Runners up

Finalist: Opticare Opticians

Advocating clear communication and an array of team bonding events, Practice Director, Laura McAlpine, has put staff support and motivation at the heart of the business. 

The team at Opticare Opticians are encouraged to put their health and wellbeing first, with team activities including sponsored runs and spar days.

The practice has also introduced appraisals to support individual development and provide a forum for feedback. “By supporting my team they then support each other, feel more appreciated and deal with patients in a more focused and attentive manner,” explains Ms McAlpine. 

Finalist: Richard Petrie Optometrists

Practice Owner, Davina Dosanjh, believes ensuring colleagues enjoy a healthy work-life balance is central to the practice’s success.

“Staff are the face, sound and heart of the practice. They reflect your ethos and morals,” explains Ms Dosanijh, who has worked with a local life coach to help encourage communication and positivity in the practice. 

Techniques include regular one-to-one meetings between staff, weekly updates and a monthly all staff meeting. All of which ensure the team have regular opportunities to come together, talk and share ideas.