AOP COVID19 webinars

During the COVID-19 crisis we will be running regular webinars to keep members up to date on issues relating to COVID-19, and to answer your key questions. 

On this page, you will find the recordings and slides of the webinars, ordered by the latest first: 

AOP COVID-19 urgent and emergency care webinar, Tuesday 21 April 2020

Dr Peter Hampson, AOP Clinical Director, Richard Whittington, LOCSU CEO, and Richard Everitt, NHS England, discuss the delivery of urgent and emergency care during COVID-19. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How care will be delivered
  • The proposed new service 
  • Q&A session

Download the slides

Please note that there is no CET available for this webinar (live or recorded).


Managing your mental health during the coronavirus crisis, April 2020

This bespoke webinar has been created for AOP members by two leading mental health psychologists from Stretching the City who apply their acceptance and commitment therapy model to helping manage this unique scenario we find ourselves in today. 

Available on login for AOP members only.

AOP COVID-19 clinical and professional guidance webinar, Thursday 9 April 2020

This webinar advised practitioners on the steps that need to be taken to practise safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Topics covered include:

  • Ensuring that records are maintained appropriately when undertaking patient consultations remotely during COVID-19
  • Ensuring that a safe clinical environment is provided for patients and practitioners during COVID-19
  • Ensuring that services delivered during COVID-19 are for emergencies or to meet the essential needs of patients

Please note:
The government’s Job Retention Scheme was amended a few hours after this webinar took place place and again on 15 April, so it is important for members listening to the webinar to also check for the most up to date information on our furlough guidance page. 

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See also our PPE guide

Please note there are no CET points available for watching the recording of this webinar.

AOP COVID-19 clinical and professional guidance webinar, Thursday 2 April 2020

This webinar included a discussion on current clinical and professional guidance, as well as an opportunity for members to discuss the wider impact this is having on them as practising optometrists. Topics covered include:

  • When to provide a sight test – who can I examine?
  • How to adapt a sight test during COVID-19
  • How to refer a patient during COVID-19
  • How to supply contact lenses and spectacles to patients during COVID-19

Download the slides