Position statements

We represent your voice on a wide range of issues in optics. Our in-depth papers on sight test fees, child eye care and CET grants highlight our position on some of the issues that affect optometrists and help to improve patient care

Business rates

The current system is unfair and needs reform

Cataract surgery rationing

The postcode lottery for patients in need of cataract surgery must end

CET grants

There needs to be a fairer system to access CET grants

Children's eye care

Regular sight tests are the best way to spot vision problems in children early

Driving and vision

We believe vision checks should be introduced on licence application and as a legal requirement at least every ten years

Eyecare for people with learning disabilities

Why the NHS needs to improve services


The risks of not using fluorescein outweigh the minimal risks of the use of CE-marked fluorescein-impregnated strips

Illegal practice

More action is needed to protect patients

Primary care eye health services

The NHS should use optical practices in England to provide more eye healthcare

Sight test fees

Why NHS sight test fees need to increase significantly

Therapeutic and independent prescribing

Therapeutic prescribing by optometrists: unlocking the potential of the profession

Swapping one type of contact lens for another

Clinical input is required when contact lenses are substituted

Visible blue light

Our position on the clinical evidence and advice relating to visible blue light

Policy information for members

This section provides additional context for members on the issues discussed in our public-facing position statements