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Changing the face of optics one story at a time

Over the last three years, we have set ambitious objectives around our campaigning work to reach the public. And we’ve made good strides – from launching public engagement projects like the Voice of Optometry surveys to growing our profile through our media campaigns.

One of the most successful aspects of this work has been the ability to get the public talking about optometry, and with a fresh appreciation of the skills and expertise that optometrists bring.

Our Don't swerve a sight test brought home the importance of regular sight tests and the need for tougher vision laws for drivers, while our A B See campaign showed parents why early treatment is essential and can make a real difference to a child’s development.  

But there is still more to do - the recent episode of Supershoppers is a reminder of that. One story at a time, we believe we can change the public conversation around optics to give the profession the full recognition it deserves.     

With planning for future campaigns underway, we’re in the market for a remarkable story that people want to tell others about.     

Why not let us know what you think that story should be by voting in our poll below. The poll will be open until 19 November.

If it was up to you, what would the next campaign in optics be?
  • Illegal practice – risks associated with online sales and counterfeit products

  • Cataract surgery – the impact of surgery delays on patients due to poor funding

  • Screen use – possible eye health risks of screen use and blue light

  • Myopia management – new treatments to reduce the progression of myopia in children

  • Other


If you have selected ‘other’ you can visit our community forums to tell us your idea or email the communications team, Communications@aop.org.uk

We look forward to hearing your views.