5. Openness about change and the need to change

Explaining changes to working practices to staff in advance

It is recognised that the prospect of any change can cause anxiety and stress. Any change to working practices should be explained to staff in advance, allowing them to discuss how they will be affected.

With potentially a lot of change about to affect the roles of optometrists, such as the impact of technology, companies should be open with staff about the potential impact and should be preparing them for the future.

Best practice

  • Training is provided for optometrists on all of the options available in their career, including clinical and business aspects
  • Training and development programmes are future-focused, looking at the qualifications and experience that optometrists will need over the next five to 10 years
  • A clear vision of the future of optometry is shared by leaders of the company on a regular basis
  • Optometrists are encouraged to look at the whole range of career opportunities and educated on how to achieve them
  • Optometrists are encouraged to build a portfolio of roles, including time for voluntary work or working in hospitals