General advice for employees and employers

General advice for employees

Don’t be afraid to speak out

It is often the case that managers and colleagues are not aware of issues and are both
able and willing to help when they find out. Do not suffer in silence.

Be flexible

There are conflicting priorities in business, as there are in life generally. In optometry,
these often include the tension between your professional clinical responsibilities,
commercial targets and customer service. In addition, not everything goes to plan
all the time. Sometimes you must show flexibility to accommodate this and help the
team. This should be possible without compromising your professional standards.

Be assertive

If your concerns are not being addressed, escalate the issues to higher levels of management. If they are still not addressed, or if there is a genuine difference between your values and those of the company, you may need to look for a role in a
company that shares your values.

General advice for employers

Encourage an open and supportive workplace

Often the best suggestions for improving performance will come from your employees. However, they may not feel able to speak out if there is an atmosphere of
repression and defensiveness. Be open to all ideas.

Be firm on how people behave at work

The ideal is that the team works harmoniously together to achieve the goals and objectives of the business. Keep an eye on the team dynamic to spot any examples of bullying, obstruction or shirking responsibility. These should be challenged and discussed – either with the individuals concerned, or with the team in general.

Show that you care about people as people

All staff should feel valued, regardless of their role. After all, happy staff are motivated staff that are more likely to provide a positive contribution to the business. Your employees should know they are much more than just cogs in the machine.