3. A comfortable working environment with adequate rest breaks

Ensuring adequate rest breaks throughout the day

There should be rest breaks scheduled throughout the day, including an adequate lunch break. On some occasions, appointments and other work may overrun into breaks but this should be the exception and not the rule.

The physical conditions in the consulting room should be well planned. The heating and ventilation should be at a comfortable level and all equipment should be positioned so that the optometrist/s can work without undue physical stresses and strains.

Best practice

  • All management and staff are aware of the importance of optometrists taking adequate rest breaks
  • Any issues on the working environment are raised and followed up at the regular one-to-one meetings with managers
  • Where there are serious concerns about working conditions, a review is carried out by an independent occupational health advisor
  • Where relevant, use surveys for insight into how optometrists feel about their working conditions, and act on any issues that are identified