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AOP Council

2018 AOP Council elections

Voting closes on 23 April

The AOP Council elections take place between 9am on 3 April and 5pm on 23 April 2018.

There will be a contested election for six of the AOP's geographical Council seats. The candidates for election in the six constituencies are listed below:
Scotland (two seats) Eilidh Martin 
Kevin David Wallace
Sohaib Mohammad Shafiq
South East England 
Eddie Pigott 
Valarie Jerome 
South West England  Ahmed Ejaz
Ed Bickerstaffe
West Midlands Francesca Maria Marchetti
Sana Asif
Yorkshire and the Humber 
Edwin Stewart Mitchell 
Claire Hagan 

You can view all the candidates’ election statements (you can’t vote from this page).   

How to vote 

Practising optometrist members in the above constituencies received an email from electronic voting specialists Mi-Voice on 3 April as voting opened. This set out instructions on how to vote. Members can only vote once using the secure link provided in the email sent by Mi-Voice, and only in the election within their constituency. Further voting reminder emails will be sent to members by Mi-Voice during the balloting period to those who have not yet voted. The final voting email will be sent on 19 April. Remember to check your spam/junk folder if you can’t find this, and for any problems with voting contact  

Members can see which AOP voting constituency they are in via the Councillor page. Your constituency is based on the address you have selected as your preferred address in your MyAOP account.

Candidates elected unopposed 

Only one valid nomination was received for each of the remaining constituencies below, so the following candidates have been elected unopposed:

 East Midlands  Tushar Majithia 
 East of England  Emma Jane Spofforth
 London  Gordon William Ilett
 North East England  Jane Ranns 
 North West England  Martin Sweeney 
 Northern Ireland  Julie-Anne Little 
 Wales  Nadeen Joseph 

There will therefore be no vote in these constituencies during this voting period.

The full list of candidates successfully elected to Council will be published in the week beginning 30 April. 

Elected Councillor positions and constituencies

The holders of the geographical Council seats are elected by AOP members to represent the views and interests of all members in the relevant region or country. 

There are 12 UK regional constituencies, and there is one vacancy in each of these except Scotland, where there are two vacant seats. Nominations were invited from all eligible members between 26 February 2018 and 19 March 2018. 

Designated Council positions

Three designated Council positions representing undergraduate student optometrists, pre-registration optometrists and newly-qualified optometrists were also open for application from 26 February to 19 March. Valid applications have been received for each of the three positions.

These positions are not elected - the AOP Appointments Committee will appoint a Councillor for each position from among the applicants. The successful applicants will be announced at the same time as the outcome of the elections. 

The work of an AOP Councillor

AOP Councillors represent our members and help to ensure that all members’ views across the UK and the profession are represented in policy-making. A significant element of a Councillor’s role is to communicate with members through various channels and to collate and present their opinions, interests and concerns at the three annual Council meetings.

Our Councillors also promote and actively encourage membership of the AOP, attend regional CET events, deal with requests from members, and refer members to the right person within the AOP to provide answers, advice and support. 

Councillors have told us that being part of the AOP Council is a rewarding experience, with opportunities to develop new skills, network and to help bring about positive changes to the future of the profession.

Read the full Councillor job description.

More information about the AOP Council

Meet and contact your AOP Councillors.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information please email