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AOP Council

2017 Council elections

Announcement about our newly elected and appointed Councillors

The AOP Council elections process for 2017 ended on 24 April. Newly elected Councillors began their three-year term of office at the Council meeting on 7 June.

The list of candidates successfully elected to Council is as follows.

Councillor Constituency
Deepali Modha East of England
Bhavik Parmar  East Midlands
Rakhee Shah London
Angela Henderson North East England
Dharmesh Patel North West England
Andrew Bridges  South East England
Jane Bell South West England
Susan Bowers West Midlands
Nizz Sabir Yorkshire and the Humber
Brian McKeown Northern Ireland
Alison McClune Scotland

We are pleased to welcome Andrew Bridges, Angela Henderson, Deepali Modha, Dharmesh Patel, Nizz Sabir and Rakhee Shah to Council for the first time. We welcome back Jane Bell, who has served on the Council previously, and also Susan Bowers, Alison McClune, Shavik Parmar and Brian McKeown who were all successfully re-elected for a further term.

Designated Council positions

The designated positions of Undergraduate Student Optometrist and Pre-registration Optometrist were also up for renewal in 2017. Applicants to these Council positions are selected by the AOP Appointments Committee. We are pleased to welcome Ali Yasen and Alex Thornton to their new roles on Council that will start from 7 June for a one-year term.

Councillor Designated Position
Alex Thornton Pre-registration Optometrist
Ali Yasen Undergraduate Student Optometrist

Information about the nomination process

There are 12 UK constituencies, with a minimum of two Council seats in each (three in Scotland). A seat from each region was up for election in 2017 (except in Wales where there was no election this year as the position is held by the Vice Chairman of the Board). 

Nominations were invited from all members between 27 February and Monday 20 March 2017.

Information about the elections process

Seats were contested in five constituencies : East of England, North East England, South East England, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber. Candidates in the other six seats that were open for nominations, were elected unopposed. From 3 April to 24 April, AOP practising optometrist members in these constituencies were invited to vote, via a series of emails. These emails directed members to an election voting site developed in conjunction with our partners, the electronic voting specialists, Mi-Voice.

The work of an AOP Councillor

AOP Councillors represent our members. Their main role is to communicate with them through various channels and to collate and present those opinions, interests and concerns at the three annual Council meetings.

Through this, Councillors help to ensure that all members' views across the UK and the profession are represented in policy-making.

They also promote and actively encourage membership of the AOP, attend regional CET events, deal with requests from members, referring members to the right person within the AOP to provide answers, advice or support.

Read the full Councillor job description.

More information about the AOP Council

Meet and contact your AOP Councillors.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information please email