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GOS complaints survey deadline extended for contractors

The deadline has been extended to 11 August

07 Aug 2019

The AOP is reminding members to complete and submit an annual GOS complaints form. The deadline for submission has been extended and is now the 11 August.

Under the General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) Regulations 2008, contractors are required to complete and submit the annual form, providing the number of written complaints received for GOS services in their practice.

For the annual complaints forms submission covering 1 April 2018 and Sunday 31 March 2019, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is undertaking this on behalf of NHS England. 

The form can be completed online.

In its advice to contractors, the NHSBSA states that contactors can access the SNAP survey using their ODS code. “If you are unsure or do not know your ODS code the provider assurance ophthalmic team will be able to assist you; we will require the contractor’s name, first line of address and postcode to locate your ODS code. The ODS code is the code used to order stationery,” the NHSBSA explained.

Alternatively, to locate the ODS code from the NHS Digital ODS Portal, contractors can use the following link: https://odsportal.hscic.gov.uk/Organisation/Search 

The NHSBSA states that once the form has been submitted, the information cannot be changed. There is a review page to check answers before submitting the form.

On the form, contractors will be asked to supply the name of the person submitting the data in case of any queries and an email address. If there are no complaints contractors are required to submit a ‘zero’ return.
The collated information from the completed forms will then be shared with the relevant NHS England regional teams.

For any queries, contractors can contact the provider assurance ophthalmic team via email or telephone, 0300 330 9403. Lines are open 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Dr Peter Hampson, AOP Clinical Director, said: “Completing and submitting an annual GOS complaints form is a longstanding contractual requirement, but the process has previously been quite variable and sporadic. As such, this request might be a surprise to some members who haven’t previously been asked to complete the complaints reporting process. 

“We want to assure members that this is a routine admin process and shouldn’t take very long to complete. For most practices, there will not be any complaints to report. 

“If members have any problems arising from this process, please contact the regulatory team and we will help to rectify them.”