Return to Work Support

It is a daunting prospect rejoining the profession as an optometrist after a career break - be it a few months or many years.

You may have left the profession to care for a relative, have a family, work in other areas of the business or to travel the world. Whatever your reason the process of re-entering the profession from the initial phone call to confident working Optometrist can take as little as a few weeks but rarely more than a few months.

Rejoining Optometry is a fairly straightforward process. Collecting the required CET points and re-registration with the GOC are easily achieved. The biggest barriers to success are confidence levels.

In addition to re-registration with the GOC, in Scotland you will need a competency certificate to perform GOS. In Wales you will need accreditation (or re-accreditation) to perform Eye Health Examinations and/or Low Vision Assessments under WECS. 

The AOP can assist with advice and support to help you to access relevant courses, gain practical clinical experience, in supportive environments, and to rapidly increase your confidence and ability.

For more information and independent confidential support and advice please call 020 7549 2000 or email